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How to make restaurants safer during the pandemic

It’s a cruel irony that the things that make a restaurant appealing are precisely what currently make it dangerous—the intimacy, the coziness, the groups of people deep in conversation, whiling away the hours over drinks and a meal. Eating in a restaurant …Continue reading

How to protect yourself online from misinformation right now

There wasn’t a communications blackout in Washington, DC, on Sunday, but #dcblackout trended on Twitter anyway, thanks to some extremely distressing tweets telling people that, mysteriously, no messages were getting out from the nation’s capital. The tweets, Reddit posts, and Facebook messages …Continue reading

Does keeping kids offline breach their human rights?

Pruthvirajsinh Zala was a 19-year-old first-year law student when he walked into the high court of Gujarat to argue his inaugural case. “It’s a big enormous building,” he says. “All black stone. There’s a giant statue of Gandhi. My petition says Pruthvirajsinh Zala …Continue reading

Predictions for 2030 by people shaping the world

AI will cause a productivity boom Erik Brynjolfsson, director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (USA) Machine learning has advanced tremendously over the past decade, yet US productivity growth has fallen by 50% since 2004. It’s not uncommon with powerful new general-purpose …Continue reading

Your tweet could last just 24 hours with “fleets”

The company will launch a story function that looks a lot like the ones at competitors Instagram and Snapchat—but there are already fears that it could be abused. The announcement: On Wednesday, the company announced that it was testing “fleets” in Brazil. These …Continue reading