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How iPads might actually help kids learn to read

How iPads might actually help kids learn to read

A study out today in the journal Developmental Psychology suggests that animated text could make e-books superior to physical books. The study: Thirty-five children between three and five years old participated in a series of three experiments using two popular kids’ books: Cat’s Pajamas and Zoom City, both …Continue reading

YouTube says it is finally trying to make the site less toxic

YouTube is responding to allegations that it allows racist and homophobic harassment on its platform. But now it has to actually enforce it. What happened? On Wednesday, YouTube announced an update to its harassment policy that means material that “maliciously insulted or demeaned others because …Continue reading

Screen time might be physically changing kids’ brains

A study published today in JAMA Pediatrics warns that kids’ literacy and language skills suffer with screen use, and MRI scans of their brains appear to back up the findings. The study: Forty-seven 3- to 5-year-olds took a test to measure their cognitive abilities, and …Continue reading