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How technology rewrites your diet

Wherever you live, the last meal you had probably looked and tasted different from meals served in the same place 50 years ago. Advances in the way we grow, process, and transport food have given more people more options for what to …Continue reading

Breeding the right kind of cow

Since last year, I’ve had some trouble with our calves’ health. We’re not sure what’s going on. We think it might be extreme heat. You’ve probably heard of Certified Angus Beef, a real popular brand of meat—when you sell cattle that qualify, …Continue reading


We get our beans from the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, and right here in Mexico. Since we are between harvests, we are in the middle of buying all the beans for next year. When we plan production …Continue reading

The biggest technology failures of 2020

This was a year we needed technology to save us. A pandemic raced over the land, there were wildfires, uneasy political divisions, and we gasped in the miasma of social media. In 2020, the ways in which technology can help or hurt …Continue reading