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Growing Up with Alexa

When it comes to digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, my four-year-old niece Hannah Metz is an early adopter. Her family has four puck-like Amazon Echo Dot devices plugged in around her house—including one in her bedroom—that she can use to call on …Continue reading

Apps That Hint at a Fanciful Fake Future

Right now, one of the best gadgets for viewing augmented reality or virtual reality may be sitting in your pocket. Smartphones, especially newer, higher-end models, are getting really good at blending the real and the virtual (as in AR) and transporting you …Continue reading

Hackers Could Blow Up Factories Using Smartphone Apps

Many companies let workers monitor and manage machines—and sometimes entire industrial processes—via mobile apps. The apps promise efficiency gains, but they also create targets for cyberattacks. At worst, hackers could exploit the flaws to destroy machines—and potentially entire factories. Two security researchers, …Continue reading