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A More Realistic Augmented Reality

Avegant’s developing an augmented-reality headset that it says uses light-field technology and can be easily manufactured. There are still just a few companies showing off augmented-reality headsets that do a good job blending digital imagery with the real world, among them Microsoft’s …Continue reading

My Life, Logged

always knew I was short, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized exactly how short. That’s because I’ve been trying a couple of life-logging devices—gadgets that clip to my shirt or hang around my neck, automatically taking photos of the world …Continue reading

Building the Cities of Tomorrow

Before smart cities initiatives, the government needs to prepare for the Internet of Things (IoT) implementation. Change is the only constant if you look at history. For example, the first industrial revolution was fueled by steam power that created a big boom …Continue reading

China Turns Big Data into Big Brother

It was a drab, chill day in November, and the clocks were striking thirteen. As the woman passed through Hangzhou Railway Station, she moved quickly through the ticket gates—though not quickly enough to avoid detection by the transport authority, which noticed her …Continue reading