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Don’t just ditch Facebook—start your own social-media site instead

Don’t just ditch Facebook—start your own social-media site instead

Fed up with political propaganda bots and discriminatory online ads? You may think the answer is to delete your Facebook and Twitter profiles and head offline, but there might be a better way: build your own networks. “These systems are affecting billions …Continue reading

Confessions of an accidental job destroyer

I expected my summer engineering internship to include things like updating old 3-D models, creating part designs, and learning the ins and outs of how a company works. I didn’t expect it to involve learning to make my colleagues obsolete. It was …Continue reading

Treating Addiction with an App

Using smartphone data and artificial intelligence to track and interpret behavior, a Chicago startup is attempting something extraordinary: predicting and preventing relapse into drug use. When I spoke to Tasha Hedstrom this winter, she had been sober for more than 61 days. …Continue reading

Five Jobs That Are Set to Grow in 2018

The future of work is going to be determined by artificial intelligence and automation. These technologies will eliminate some jobs, but they will also create new opportunities and greater demand for the jobs that humans still do best. We decided to shine …Continue reading

India’s Cashless Economy Gets a Discount

On November 9, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi nullified 86 percent of all the cash in circulation at a stroke. The move has led to chaos, with people waiting in line for hours to exchange their now-worthless 500 and 1,000-rupee notes.