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Google Can Help Detect Breast Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence

Google Can Help Detect Breast Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has been making leaps and bounds especially in the healthcare domain. Now Google is using AI to review patients biological tissue samples in order to detect breast cancer. The results of this technology have been revealed …Continue reading

Pig-Human Organ Farming Doesn’t Look Promising Yet

In research that has rattled policy makers from Washington to the Vatican, scientists in California today described their controversial first attempts to create pigs with human organs inside them. The experiments involved fusing human stem cells into animal embryos and then trying …Continue reading

One Man’s Quest to Hack His Own Genes

n a dream Brian Hanley told me about, he’s riding a bus when he meets a man in dark leather clothing. Next thing he knows, he is splayed across a tilted metal bed, being electrocuted. The dream was no doubt connected to …Continue reading

On Patrol with America’s Top Bioterror Cop

Seen something strange growing in a petri dish in a friend’s basement? Know an angry graduate student working odd hours in a pathogen lab? You might want to call Edward You. As a supervisory special agent in the weapons of mass destruction …Continue reading