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First Monkeys with Autism Created in China

First Monkeys with Autism Created in China

They spin in their cages and don’t interact. The scientists who created autistic monkeys say they’ll now try to cure them. Scientists in China say they used genetic engineering to create monkeys with a version of autism, an achievement that could make …Continue reading

Early Intervention

We currently have no therapeutic interventions that can prevent or reverse the intellectual disability or brain pathology found in individuals with Down syndrome, which affects about 400,000 people in the United States alone. However, we may be getting closer. Some researchers are …Continue reading

Child’s Play

Computers should stop trying to act like grown-ups. Everyone knows the Turing test. But almost no one remembers Alan Turing’s statement that to achieve true intelligence, you should design a machine that was like a child. He said the real secret to …Continue reading

Stop Emissions!

A climate scientist argues that it should no longer be acceptable to dump carbon dioxide in the sky. Many years ago, I protested at the gates of a nuclear power plant. For a long time, I believed it would be easy to …Continue reading

Tax Credit Extension Gives Solar Industry a New Boom

The United States solar market is wrapping up the best three-month period in its history, with a total of three gigawatts worth of solar photovoltaics capacity forecast to be installed from October through the end of the year. In all, about 7.4 …Continue reading