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WHO alarmed by global uptick in measles cases

WHO alarmed by global uptick in measles cases

Reported measles cases rose by 30 percent in 2017 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Multiple countries experienced outbreaks of the disease, including European nations and the United States. An estimated 110,000 deaths have been attributed to the disease. The spike …Continue reading

Mitsubishi creates LED sunlight

The depressing white light people associate with hospitals and the claustrophobia associated with windowless workspaces may soon become a thing of the past. Among the wide range of cutting-edge technologies exhibited by Mitsubishi Electric at the recently concluded CEATEC Japan 2018, the …Continue reading

Egg-shaped electron theory debunked?

Research conducted at Imperial College London (ICL) has revealed that electrons are almost perfectly spherical. This development could have significant implications on particle physics and certain theories emerging in the field. However in their scientific paper, which was published in the October …Continue reading

Malaria infection in utero could boost immunity to the disease

Malaria infections in pregnant women could result in an increased fetal proliferation of malaria antigens. This was found by researchers who used samples from a study based in Uganda to determine whether malaria infections during pregnancy caused any adjustment in fetal immune …Continue reading