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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 brings new software changes

The new augmented reality application combines digital imagery, sounds, and haptic feedback to provide better tracking capabilities
by TR Pakistan

Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicked off on June 4, 2018, in San Jose, California, with a keynote by Tim Cook, the chief executive officer. Given the major announcements made during Google I/O, there was a lot riding on the line for Apple to top that.

The keynote address focused on software changes and, unlike last year’s conference, no new hardware was announced. Below, TR Pakistan has reviewed some of these major changes.

Introducing iOS 12

With its next generation iPhone operating system called iOS 12, Apple is introducing a number of exciting features, while it remains focused primarily on efficiency and stability (even on its older devices such as iPhone 6S). For instance, the company said that keyboards on iPhone 6S Plus will fire up 50 percent faster than earlier, and the camera will take photographs 70 percent quicker.

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Applications will now load twice as fast with iOS 12. The  iOS 12 developer beta 1 is also available for download right now so developers can start working on it.

Photo Credit: Apple

New augmented reality features

The Apple CEO said the company wanted to provide users with a better augmented reality experience on their iPhone as the second version of its ARKit coding platform was showcased. Developers can use it to build AR applications that combine digital imagery, sounds, and haptic feedback with the natural world.

ARKit 2.0 has better tracking capabilities and its new Measure application can be used as a virtual measuring tape for real-life objects. In a demonstration, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, captured the dimensions of an old suitcase and frame by pointing his iPhone camera at the objects.

Meanwhile, Pixar has teamed up with Apple to develop a new USDZ file format for sharing AR content such as applications and digital imagery. Adobe is also supporting this AR file format and Photoshop users will now be able to modify the AR imagery.

Photo Credit: Apple

Make group FaceTime video calls

Apple’s new and improved FaceTime in iOS 12 now lets you group video-calls with upto 32 people. The chat has a moving display of callers, and when someone starts to talk, their face tile takes center stage in your iPhone screen. You can also use stickers, filter and animoji during the video call.

Photo Credit: Apple

Use Apple Watch as a walkie-talkie

WatchOS 5, the next generation operating system for Apple Watch, includes a bunch of new features in the health arena such as a fitness tracker, automatic workout detection, and fitness competitions between friends. You can track your yoga exercises by your heart rate and use the rolling mile pace tracker for running during workouts.

You can now also use your watch as a walkie-talkie. When someone is calling you, you’ll get a haptic feedback alert on your watch, which works over both cellular and Wi-Fi connections.

Photo Credit: Apple

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Apple’s Memoji lets you create your personalized emoji

Apple has taken a leaf from the popular Bitmoji and gone a step further by coming up with Memoji. It lets you create your own personalized avatar that can be used in Apple’s communication application iMessage. These animated emoji not only look like you but it also mimics your facial expressions in real-time. For instance, if you stick your tongue out, it will also do so. Using Memoji, the company aims to make iMessage stand out among similar applications, and create a more wholesome experience for users.

Photo Credit: Apple



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