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App to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

by Huma Sadaf

Glow, an App to Track Couples’ Fertility Cycle makes family planning easier to manage for Pakistan.

Keeping a log of calories that you have burned or tracking your footsteps in an average day or measuring the distance run in a minute is way too mainstream now, technology has made monitoring your health so easy now that it was hard to imagine just a few years back.

To be pregnant or not to be, that is the question for most sexually active women in the world. Women take various steps in order to help conceive or avoid pregnancy. There are contraceptives to avoid pregnancy or terminate it before the fetus is of a certain age – (the fetal age and termination rules differ in different parts of the world). Couples who try to conceive naturally but fail are another story, they usually go through different medical procedures.

Fertility Applications:

Technology has provided us with an easier approach to help those who do not need lengthy medical procedures since nothing is wrong with their systems; it is just a matter of managing their fertility cycles. Such couples can easily conceive by merely keeping track of their physical activities. Getting pregnant has become easier with the help of many mobile and computer applications in the market that help monitor optimum fertile periods in a woman’s cycle.

The co-founder of PayPal brings us a user friendly application in form of ‘Glow – Ovulation and Fertility tracking app.’ The app helps the users keep track of their highest and lowest fertility periods and so we, the users, can know about when our chances of pregnancy are high or low. Just like any other fertility application, it keeps the record of our personalized data and figures out our fertility cycle.

So what makes Glow special?

There are various mobile apps that help women keep track of their periods and ovulation. What makes Glow unique is that this app does not only help women keep track of their fertility but it also keeps their men in loop about theirs. In one way it is the first time that any fertility app has accepted that conceiving of a baby is not just about women it is equally a men’s affair.

Speaking of subcontinent in general and Pakistan in particular, everything related to pregnancy such as being able to conceive, the gender of the baby, miscarriages, and delayed pregnancies, is generally blamed or connected with the womenfolk. In our society it is not often that we see men being worried or people turning their faces towards men in any situation related to pregnancy. Only when the woman has gone through all the tests and trials people tend to think that ‘may be’ it is about the man. Sadly, even the makers of fertility applications never paid attention to the gender discrimination in this sector. On this app, Glow, men also log their data just like their partners and later this data can be linked to their partners and we can get an analysis of our fertility as a couple.

This app claims that so far they have helped around 150,000 couples in their quest to conceive. Now, we know that there are companies that collect our data and figure out our likes, dislikes, what products we might need and what stuff would we be interested in and help different venders to approach the consumer. But to help us with birth control or pregnancies, without undergoing clinical procedures is wonderful. Glow has claimed to have helped 25,000 women get pregnant in 2014 and the company’s latest claim is to help the women conceive faster. If we take the numbers provided by the company and believe the claims, it is a beacon of hope for so many people who have been trying.

Glow is not all about conceiving; it also helps the users avoid pregnancy and look for fertility treatments.

Glow is now available in Pakistan also. It is a free app and can be downloaded on any android phone. Pregnancy and sexual health is not as taboo a subject as it used to be a decade back, but still couples, women for that matter, might not feel secure providing their medical history to an app that can’t secure their privacy. Glow app can be connected to our email addresses that we are confident about.

As a user and a woman I find Glow as helpful as a friend might be. I can confide in it, enter the data that the app would need to calculate my chances as I remember, change when I would think I was wrong earlier; and it would help me find solutions without fear of being judged and my partner can determine his physical values, too. Do I not love my new friend? Well, I sure do.


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