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Information Technology University of the Punjab

Information Technology University of the Punjab (ITU), located in Lahore, came into being in 2012 in order to advance scholarship and innovation in the areas of science, technology and engineering. ITU aspires to emulate the success of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through focus on cross-disciplinary applied research, the cultivation of an entrepreneurial culture in teaching and research, the maintenance of a close collaboration with the Information and Communication Technology industry and the development of strong ties with government funding agencies. With a structure that combines the best features of both public and private sector universities, ITU aims to serve as a center for excellence in academia, research, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Information Technology University of the Punjab (ITU) is the sole licensee of MIT Technology Review in Pakistan and holds complete publishing and translation rights. All rights reserved. MIT Technology Review Pakistan showcases and promotes the rapidly expanding science, technology and entrepreneurship landscape of Pakistan.

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Information Technology University (ITU), Punjab

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Information Technology University (ITU), Punjab ITU aims to implement a unique teaching methodology and crossdisciplinary research that is grounded in realworld problem solving to educate the next generation of innovative and entrepreneurial engineers.


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