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Your genome, on demand

An early 2018, it was estimated that over 12 million people had had their DNA analyzed by a direct-to-­consumer genetic test. A few months later, that number had grown to 17 million. Meanwhile, geneticists and data scientists have been improving our ability …Continue reading

نیوز بلیٹن

Transforming Policing Through Technology

In 2011, the Punjab province saw a deadly outbreak of dengue fever, affecting 21,685 people, of whom 310 lost their lives. To prevent another outbreak the following year, the provincial government undertook a massive dengue surveillance and eradication effort powered by smartphone-based …Continue reading

African-American women bear greatest health impact from childbirth in first year of motherhood, study finds

A study of a racially diverse group of 2,400 low-income women has revealed that African-American women undergo more physical wear-and-tear during the first year of motherhood than White and Latino women. The joint-study conducted by researchers from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National …Continue reading

Approximate Computing: A brain-inspired computing paradigm

A recent surge in the use of wearable and Internet of Things (IoT) devices demands a higher level of power efficiency to provide an extended battery run-time. Inspired by the way the brain processes the information, scientists and electrical engineers are coming …Continue reading

Q&A: Rabeel Warraich

Rabeel Warraich is the founder of Sarmayacar, a multi-million dollar seed fund syndicate dedicated to Pakistani startups. He is currently the interim chief executive officer of Patari and has previously worked in investment banking and private equity with organizations including Morgan Stanley …Continue reading

Starting them off early

Excited chatter fills the air as more than 25 children pour into the room at Olomopolo Media theater. A team of volunteers seats the children in groups around small tables. The first agenda of the day is to create soap bubbles. Soon …Continue reading