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Virtual law and justice during a pandemic

A lmost a year ago, the Supreme Court issued a press release informing the public about the establishment of an e-court system. The system would run through videolink connectivity and allow lawyers to argue cases from the respective Supreme Court branch registries …Continue reading

نیوز بلیٹن

The Treachery of Models

On March 16, the Imperial College London COVID-19 Response Team published a paper, forecasting an alarming mortality rate from the novel coronavirus. The study estimated that the number of deaths in the United States alone may rise to 2.2 million. The research …Continue reading

Bringing people together to help humanity design a more intentional, intelligent future

In the past we’ve looked to technology to connect us on a deeper level, with mixed results. There’s a huge role in how we design communities of the future to bring back meaningful connection through human-centered design. CEO of Boma Global, Lara …Continue reading

Mitigating the digital gender gap

The rights struggle is not something new to women around the world. Whether it’s the wage gap, reproductive rights, or gender-based discrimination, the world has heard about it, and it continues to sit on its hands. In the past two decades, our …Continue reading