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Technology giveth, technology taketh away

For many people, 2020 started with anxiety over how they would be managing their lives better. We let go of humorous resolutions and opted for serious reflection. Why? Because it seemed like the ‘internet’ thing to do. Let’s be honest though. Both …Continue reading

نیوز بلیٹن

Impacts of different social distancing interventions detectable two weeks later: study

In Germany, growth of covid-19 cases declined after a series of three social distancing interventions, detectable at a two-week delay following each intervention. However, it was only after the third—a far-reaching contact ban—did cases decline significantly. These results from a modeling study …Continue reading

The Treachery of Models

On March 16, the Imperial College London COVID-19 Response Team published a paper, forecasting an alarming mortality rate from the novel coronavirus. The study estimated that the number of deaths in the United States alone may rise to 2.2 million. The research …Continue reading

Human agency and human centered design need to be at the core of AI power change

Ayesha Khanna is CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence solutions provider. She is the author of Hybrid Reality: Thriving in the Emerging Human-Technology Civilization. Managing Editor, Areej Mehdi sat down with Ayesha about her vision for a smart city and a …Continue reading

Changing climate for tech startups

The 021Disrupt conference, organised by The Nest I/O in Karachi in November 2019, was unprecedented on multiple fronts. Captioned with the motto ‘nothing innovative ever stood still’, the conference, designed to link up investors and budding entrepreneurs in Pakistan, was more than …Continue reading