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January/February 2020

Views The prospects for economic inclusion in Pakistan Having seen a decade of regional instability, Pakistan is now predicted to join the league of countries that will contribute significantly to global growth over the next two decades. According to PWC’s The World …Continue reading

The internet has a language problem

The internet–one of the biggest technological revolutions, and a force for good–speaks nearly exclusively in English, the language of the Pakistani elites. This has left millions of hardworking men and women, who are the backbone of our country, unable to ride the …Continue reading

نیوز بلیٹن

Microbes for Sustainable Agriculture

In 2016, when the United Nations established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a key objective was to focus on attaining environmental, social, and economic growth through green and clear production techniques. The goals were established keeping in mind the fact that, despite global …Continue reading

We are all mosaics

Asifa Akhtar, born in Karachi, Pakistan, became the first international female Vice President of the Biology and Medicine Section in the Max Planck Society in 2020. Akhtar received the European Life Science Organization (ELSO) award for significant contribution in the field in …Continue reading

Mitigating the digital gender gap

The rights struggle is not something new to women around the world. Whether it’s the wage gap, reproductive rights, or gender-based discrimination, the world has heard about it, and it continues to sit on its hands. In the past two decades, our …Continue reading